Alex Smith to the Chiefs: My Thoughts

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The first words that come to mind when I think about the proposed Alex Smith trade are highway robbery. Luckily for the 49ers, this is a, “what have you done for me lately” league. Because of that, the fact that Alex Smith was one of the worst quarterbacks in the league for the first five years of his career is completely forgotten. There’s even another way in which the 49ers are lucky, and that is the fact that the QB draft class this year is not exactly what you would call dominant. Because of that, the team with the first pick in the draft, a team that is desperate for a new QB, felt that they had to go elsewhere to get that piece. That made the Chiefs and 49ers natural trade partners.

The trade as most understand it now is Alex Smith for a 2013 2nd round pick (34th) and a conditional early round pick in 2014 (2nd or 3rd round). The trade can not be official until March 12th when the new league year begins. That means there is still a chance another team can come in and make a better offer. This is highly unlikely for two reasons:


1. This is a very lucrative deal for the 49ers and it is hard to believe a team would give up more to acquire Alex Smith.

2. The 49ers want to do right by Alex Smith if they can. The Chiefs were reportedly on his short list of teams he would like to be traded to. So, Smith is happy, the 49ers are happy, the Chiefs are happy, everybody is happy happy happy. 


As for the trade itself, both teams receive passing grades. The 49ers receive an A-. It is a second round pick and not a first rounder, but at least it is the second pick in the second round. However, the argument that the second pick in the second round is basically a first rounder means I could say that the second to last pick in the first round is practically a second rounder, so I don’t want to hear that. What I do want to hear is the fact that the 34th overall pick is absolutely a pick of consequence in which the 49ers can draft a role player that can pay immediate dividends.

The Chiefs receive a grade of a C+. I say that because that is exactly what I think Alex Smith’s value is. He is a slightly above average QB. He will struggle in KC, because even though they do have some talent, they also have a lot of garbage. Is Smith an improvement? Of course. But that’s not saying a whole lot. The question now becomes can Alex Smith thrive in a pass first offense? I have my doubts.

As for my thoughts on Alex Smith being gone, I really have none. He was here, he happened, he was terrible, then he was decent, and he even ended up in the NFC Championship game, and now he’s gone. It’s not nearly as big of a deal as most are making it out to be. I have nothing against the guy, and to his credit he took his benching like a champ. He is however worse than Colin Kaepernick who was not given the starting QB  job as much as he took it away. Smith said and did all the right things, and for that I applaud him. Now he’s gone. So what? We have kid wonder Kaepernick at the helm and I expect something very productive to come from the picks the 49ers are receiving. Everybody gets what they want, especially Luke Joeckel (likely the No. 1 pick), and with the exception of Geno Smith (No longer in consideration for No. 1 overall pick.)

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