Are the Saints the best team in the NFL?


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With all of the buildup coming into the season this year was likely questions like, can Peterson repeat his amazing season, what will the Niners do for an encore, the play of Manning and probably even the Cowboys ready to make the next step…again. I would consider the New Orleans Saints were likely a second thought, or were they? How much did they take the NFL by storm this season?


With the exciting season this year, as they have been a juggernaut on offense, which is pretty standard for the New Orleans Saints organization since Sean Payton arrived in 2006, they have characteristically been a top 5 offense in the league. But they haven’t had a defense that has allowed less than 20 ppg since the 2010 season, when they got shocked by the Seahawks.


This season, behind defensive coordinator, Rob Ryan, they have been amazing, especially with their underrated excellent pass coverage. Taking teams to another level of desperation when trying to put points on the board.

So why do I think the Saints are the best team in the NFL this year? Because they have the complete package from top to bottom, they are 2nd in scoring. They play a nasty, physical defense, as they give up only 18/ppg. They have an obviously elite QB, who can make no name players relevant. And make good players great. The game plan they have now is potent and powerful, with a tight defense, and an overpowering offense, which is essentially the same style they played so well with the Super Bowl season.


The New Orleans Saints at home are practically unbeatable, and if they can snag home field, who is touching them? They win their home games by an average of an outlandish 20 points.


The Saints currently also have Graham and Sproles, both add-ons since the Super Bowl they won in 2009, which makes them even better than that team, which won it all. Personally, I think they look way better than they did that season.


If the Saints have a flaw it has been putting the ball forward consistently on the ground. With Pierre Thomas being their leading rusher who will likely finish well under 800 YDs for the season, they don’t make many teams fear anyone running from the backfield, but they still manage to get about 98 on the ground when needed. What’s more impressive, if teams don’t respect the running game, and they are still putting up 29 points a game fundamentally with 40 pass attempts a game, you know what they are going to do, and they still do what they wish.

Using Darren Sproles out of the backfield as a dangerous 4th or 5th receiver, with his elusiveness and speed he is exceptionally dangerous swinging out into the flat. With 75 catches last year, and on pace for about 80 this season, he is an instant X factor, that forces defenses to adjust on the fly.


With their schedule this year, they will be battle tested, against the better teams in the NFL, so surprises will be tough to come by against them. The end of the season schedule will speak volumes, the 49ers aren’t the same team they were last year, the Hawks are very good, but their offense is still suspect, NFC East, there is no one to worry about, so realistically, this Saints team can be heading to the Bowl with ease.


The Saints are one of the few teams that can actually give Peyton Manning a problem. And the fact that they can score massive points together with the Broncos, who many believe as being the best team in the AFC, this is why they are the best team in the NFL.

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