Baseball’s dilemma:Ban or not to Ban homeplate collisions?

buster possey after collusion with Scott Cousins

As a fan of Baseball, homeplate collisions for as long as I remember have always been a part of baseball and have brought some bone crushing hits at the plate. Pete Rose taking out Ray Fosse in the 1970 All star game or Dave Parker barreling down the third baseline in a homeplate collision with the New York Mets catcher John Stearns. These were part of my baseball memories. now we add one more Miami Marlins Scott Cousins home plate clash with Buster Possey. Ouch.

Possey suffered a broken leg and since then the debate has raged about homeplate collisions. There are some who are of the mind set that homeplate clashes should be banned for the safety of the players especially the catchers.While that seems on the surface to be fair let’s go on step further in another direction, Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy has in two back to back seasons broken his leg in turning double plays at second base both times getting wiped put by a base runner. No one has started a movement to get second base wipe outs banned for safety of the second basemen.

So if we are going to make this about safety let’s look at the entire field not just homeplate because an all star catcher gets his leg broken. The Dave Parker/ John Stearns collision I mentioned earlier Stearns the catcher held on to the ball Parker was called out and Parker suffered a broken jaw, Stearns the catcher survived with no injuries. I wonder would there a be a big up cry for safety if the Marlins Scott Cousins were injuried on that play instead of Possey? Would Giants General manager Brian Saben make a big stink about safety if his catcher escaped unharmed on that play? Again this is just my side of the debate. What’s next outlawinig crashes into the outfield wall? or outfielders crashing into each other? Compared to football and hockey baseball is a safe sport.

Yet there are going to be collisions at homeplate and at second base and all the rule chagnes aren’t going to make a different when a player’s instinct takes over. If a player is rounding home and sees a chance to score he is going to take it slim or not and if a collision happens is he supposed to remember at that point “oh yeah there’s a rule about no home plate collisions?” I don’t think so. Let’s use common sense when talking about safety and not over think it. Don’t take away the things that make baseball what it is because of a homeplate collision wiped out an allstar. Especially when so many others like Ray Fosse had their careers altered by that one play and bseball did nothing to make it up to him in the time then or since. But again this is why the debate rages on because there are others who may or maynot feel strongly about this or believe that baseball should make homeplate collisions outlawed.So how do you the reader feel on the subject, should baseball ban homeplate collisions?

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