Financial adviser says Vince Young got a $300,000 loan for a party

Some quarterbacks take a couple of seasons to develop their skills. Some quarterbacks never develop their skills. Some quarterbacks burst onto the scene and take the league by storm.


Vince Young, third overall pick in the 2006 NFL draft, falls in the latter.


He had led the Texas Longhorns to a Rose Bowl victory over USC in 2006 to become a National Champion. He was being talked about as being a guy who could revolutionize the quarterback position due to his unique blend of size, athleticism, and arm strength. He was the 2006 Rookie of the Year, the guy who was making a ton of comebacks late in games, the Madden 08 cover boy, andthought to be the franchise quarterbacks.


Personal problems and inconsistent play kept Young from ever staying in the starting lineup consistently, though, beginning in 2008. He stayed with the Titans through 2010 before being released. When he signed with the Eagles in 2011, he deemed them the “Dream Team” due to all the big moves they had made in free agency. He started three games, won one, and the “Dream Team” finished 8-8. Young then signed with the Bills in 2012, only to be cut during preseason. During a Cardinals game this season he was tweeting Larry Fitzgerald’s father to see if he could help give Young another shot at quarterback for the Cardinals. He never got it.


Then there was talk about him being broke. Can you blame him? His rookie contract only guaranteed him $25 million. He wasted all of it. And he is far from the only professional athlete to ever blow all of his money. He’s currently in a lawsuit with his ex-financial adviser, Ronnie Peoples, of Peoples Financial Services Inc. Some fans knew about this, although there weren’t a ton of details on what had or hadn’t happened.


Peoples has finally given everyone an idea of how bad it had gotten for Young, though. Under oath, Peoples said that Young was planning a birthday party for his 28th birthday. There was one problem, though- Young was low on money. So, obviously, he was probably going to maybe take out a couple hundred or maybe a few thousand, right? Well, wrong. Peoples said that Young took out a $300,000 loan for this party. PARTY. Not a house. A party. What is he, like, a teenage girl?


Anyway, Vince Young and his lawyer are (gasp) saying that they have absolutely no idea what Mr. Peoples is talking about. They are still saying that Peoples mismanaged Young’s money. Things have gone extremely sour for a once-promising career. He started out as hot as any quarterback you’ll see, but now he has fizzled out faster than you can say Larry Johnson. Unlike that 2006 season, I don’t think that he will be able to get out of the hole of being broke and unemployed.

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