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Just when I thought being a Raiders fan in Kansas City couldn’t get any more annoying, Chief fans go out of their way to prove me wrong.  Some Kansas City Chief faithfuls decide to do a rap video to honor their 9-0 team.  I’m playing it pretty fast and lose with the term Rap video here, I’m pretty much doing rap and music in general a disservice by putting it into any musical category.

The team has yet to play anyone with over a .500 record, have won a total of one playoff game in my wife’s entire life span and haven’t necessarily gone through the gauntlet of elite quarterbacks on their way to 9-0 (Blaine Gabbert, Terrelle Pryor, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jason Campbell, Case Keenum and Jeff Tuel)

All that being said and as much as I completely hate giving this team credit, they can’t help who they have played and have done what they need to do to get to 9-0.  Their defense is also playing off the charts.  Considered to be the best defense of all time, the 1985 Chicago Bears, gave up 134 points in nine games….the Chiefs defense has given up only 111 points!  The Bears however did only give up a total of 10 points in three postseason games and then we have the 2000 Ravens who allowed only 98 points in their first nine games of the season on their way to having Ray Lewis get away with murder in a Super Bowl.

We will have to wait and see how the rest of the season plays out for Kansas City, but going only 4-3 in their last seven games gives them a more than impressive 13-3 record.  Nobody could have called that after only winning two games just a season ago.  One thing is fore sure, Andy Reid has brought a winning atmosphere to Kansas City…and it is making me ill.

Just one final note though Chief fans, if you are going to do a rap video about your team, please don’t take yourself so seriously next time.  Get these two Kansas City alumni to do one, at least we’d be entertained and it also looks like they are quite good with children as well.

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