Interview: Cassidy The Patriot.

The Montreal Electronic/Trap scene remains one of the fastest growing and invigorating genres and communities in the music world. To a very select few, it may seem like just another faceless group of bedroom producers and DJs, but to most their unique and enthusiastic outward personalities have drawn people further into the encapsulating sound that is slowly becoming the theme of the Francophone city.

One of those currently putting the city on his back thanks to mesmerising synths and stinging basslines is the mild-mannered and polite Cassidy the Patriot. While the pulsating nature of his music may lead you to believe him to be an enigmatic figure, he comes across as a focused and talented individual. I caught up with him for an entertaining chat over FaceTime to get to know the man behind the dreamy Trap sound.


What got you into music? Which genres did you listen to initially and has that changed over time? 

Back in High school I listened to a lot of 50 Cent, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, that was the first album I actually bought at Zeller’s, I used to listen to a lot of gangster rap; 50, The Game that stuff, that was the first genre I listened to. I’m definitely listening to more mainstream stuff now like Meek Mill, Drake, Ty Dolla $ign, French Montana, Travis Scott, all the big guys.

What brought you down the electronic route? I find that with your type of Trap music along with the rest of the Montreal scene, stands alone and is much more Electronic based than Hip-Hop. 

What brought me down the Electronic path was literally being in the city of Montreal. We have things like Piknic Electronik, ÎleSoniq that have really motivated me to try to make music that would appeal to these people because that’s really what it’s based on. I just wanted to try something new, something out of my comfort zone, outside of Hip-Hop, Trap and R n’ B.

What got you into producing? 

I would definitely say curiosity. “How do you get all the instruments into a track? Is there somebody playing each instrument?” That’s what I thought in the beginning. Then I went into detail and noticed that people are actually making this stuff on their laptops in the comfort of their homes, ‘Bedroom Producers’. After that, I found my passion, this is what I want to do.

Was there any moment where it clicked with you that this is what you’ve wanted to do, or was it gradually over time? 

Definitely the recognition that I’ve been getting, it feels good, when people actually listen to my music and they like it. It’s that motivation that makes keep you doing what you’re doing because you’re obviously good at it. If people enjoy listening to your music then that’s obviously a push to keep going. If there was one thing that has really kept me going it’s the fact that I like success stories, in terms of seeing where you started and where you’re at every year. “What am I going to do this year? What will I do next year?”

Do prefer producing tracks solely on their own or producing with a vocalist? 

I used to produce for artists during my first couple of years of producing. I would say slowly and slowly, I’m transitioning over to being my own artist, I feel like I have more creative control, more control over what I want to hear. That’s why I went down the avenue of making my own music and releasing them as instrumentals.


Given the immediacy the internet has injected into the music industry, is it difficult to develop your own style as there isn’t as much time to grow as there used to be? 

Yes it was a difficult little two or three weeks to get into creating your own sound and to stop creating what’s already been created. What I’ve found is a little niche market, I’ve never heard that sort of music combined together, Electronic with those sort of Hip-Hop basslines. It’s something that I can dig into further. It is kind of hard in the beginning because you’re basing it off of people you’re listening to at that moment, after that you start developing you’re own sound, implementing your own knowledge and expertise into it. Once you find it, you find it.

Why do you think there are so many bass-y/Trap producers coming from Montreal? 

Canada has a lot to prove. It’s not a country that was known for its music before the big acts came out like Bieber, The Weeknd and Drake. All of a sudden it’s like the spotlight is now in Canada. We can make music, and we can make it good. Now that we have the spotlight on us, we’re going that bit further to show the world  that we can make this type of music and that we can make it extremely good as well.

Da-P, Tommy Kruise, Kaytranada, High Klassified all come out of here. We all started a niche market, it’s not something that’s familiar all around the world. That’s what the goal is, taking a genre of music and exposing it to the world, obviously if the world loves it, they’ll listen to you and keep coming back for more. I find that we have a really strong foundation in terms of the artists I’ve just named, it’s a strong team. It’s just a matter of time before it goes worldwide. It’s starting to build traction, it’s only going to grow from here.

Do you have a certain plan for the future, what’re the next steps you’re going to take as an artist business-wise? 

The next step would be getting into venues and performing for live audiences. Everything is great and sound behind a computer. I won’t lie, I love being home and making music, I’m not that much of a social butterfly. That would be the next step, giving the fans the opportunity to see you in your true form. They can see what they can see but they won’t see a 3D version of you unless you perform. I am planning on learning [How to DJ], that would be the next step.

What would the Cassidy The Patriot DJ set sound like? 

I would definitely play some Lil Yachty. Meek Mill, Drake. I’m a crowd pleaser. I listen to a lot of music but they would be the heavy hitters that I’d play. Nothing random really, I’d be pretty straightforward, no curveballs.

A Lil’ Boat X Cassidy collaboration would be interesting.

Who would be your dream collaboration? 

Definitely, Defintely Kaytranada! I’ve always looked up to his music, what he’s been doing. He comes from Montreal, everything points towards him, it’d definitely be my dream collaboration. Getting him on maybe a production standpoint or something. Even if he added an instrument to one of my tracks that’d be amazing. As long as it’d say Kaytranada contributed I’d be happy!

You can stream Cassidy’s latest EP ‘Poutine’ here, and check out the rest of his Soundcloud stuff too!

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