Top 4 NBA MVP Picks for the 2012-13 Season

Now that we have gone through a quarter of the regular NBA season, it is only appropriate to begin discussions on which player should be given the MVP award. In my personal opinion, there are really only four clear-cut candidates for the MVP. Let’s start with the player I think will once again take home the crown…


1)    LeBron James-#6-Forward/Miami Heat

There are very few people who believe that LeBron James won’t win his 4th MVP title in 5 years. I am not one of those people. While averaging 25.2 points per game, 8.5 rebounds per game, 6.9 assists per game and a player efficiency rating of 29.82, LeBron just seems to be much more comfortable on the court now that he has shaken the monkey off his shoulder, that was the pressure of winning a title. One could argue that because the Miami Heat have had a moderately rocky start and LeBron has such a great supporting cast, he should not win the award. The Heat are also the second best team in the East, which brings me to my next candidate…


2)    Carmelo Anthony- #7-Forward/New York Knicks

I have been watching Carmelo Anthony light it up since he entered the league in 2003, but I have never seen him play with the kind of intensity he is bringing to this Knicks team right now. Anthony is averaging 27.9 points per game (his 2nd highest of all time), 6.4 rebounds per game, and 1.9 assists per game, and a player efficiency rating of 22.9. What these numbers don’t show you are the hustle and effort Carmelo seems to be embodying this year.  Carmelo Anthony’s biggest critics have always argued he never played defense. That was a correct statement up until this year. Now that he has slid to the power forward position, he seems more comfortable guarding opposing forwards, and is having his way with them on the offensive end. Looks like LeBron James winning his first title might have put a spark under Anthony.


3)    Kevin Durant- #35-Forward/Oklahoma City Thunder

Kevin Durant is quietly having one of the best seasons ever. Not to mention that the Oklahoma City Thunder have won eleven straight games, the first time in their team’s history.  While averaging 27.1 points per game, 8.3 rebounds per game, 4.2 assists per game and a player efficiency rating of 30.04, Durant is showcasing a more defensive tenacity this season as well, which was something he could have desperately used in his Finals match-up against LeBron James at the end of last season.  One can only wonder if a rematch of last year’s finals would be even more entertaining this time around…


4)    Chris Paul- #3-Guard/Los Angeles Clippers

Chris Paul is the only guard on my list, and for a good reason. He has turned a bottom feeding Western Conference team into a legitimate title contender. Averaging 16.0 points per game, 3.5 rebounds per game, 9.2 assists per game, and a player efficiency rating of 22.42, Paul has solidified himself as the best point guard in the league. Although the Clippers had a rocky start at the beginning of the season, they are currently on an eight game win streak, and are averaging over 100 points in all but one of these games. Not only have the Clippers picked up the offensive pace, but Chris Paul is playing a much more aggressive style of basketball, which we are all thankful for. Now, if only the Clippers and Lakers can meet in the Western Conference Finals…


All four of my picks have been utterly dominant this season, and the MVP race couldn’t be any tighter. That being said, we are only a quarter of the way through the season, and some of these candidates’ best basketball has yet to be played. It is going to set up a very interesting post season.


Final Thought: Sorry I couldn’t add Kobe Bryant on my list. He is playing exceptional basketball, but the Lakers have an atrocious record. Take this into consideration. The Los Angeles Lakers are 1-11 when Kobe scores 30 or more points this season. Who would have thought? 

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