Top 5 NFL Power-Rankings

1.  Atlanta Falcons:  – Atlanta, at 11-2,  is coming off  a  tough loss to Carolina.     — The Falcons, though have nothing to worry about.  It was just a case of  Cam Newton having a good game/performance.    To address Matt Ryan’s recent five pick performance,  it was simply not one of  Ryan’s better games, overall though on the season,  he’s been top notch-consistent, well almost anyway.   Either way, the Falcons offense has been explosive, with rookie wide receiver AJ Green, and veteran teammate receiver, Roddy White.    The two have been giving Fantasy owners plenty to be happy about, or in their opponents’ case, much like the Falcons opponents plenty to worry about.


2. Houston Texans: —  The Texans, like the Falcons are 11-2.

— However, the first thing people are going to point out about where they have been ranked, is not their record rather,  their most recent game.    —  Yes, the Texans got destroyed by the Patriots on Monday Night Football,  but… the Patriots are an a genius football team.   — Sometimes in football, its just all about match-ups, the Patriots were able to exploit those Monday night.    Houston, with the exception of  that game,  has been real dominant, and a lot of the credit  has been  going to defensive coordinator, Wade Philips.    – – – –  Defensive-end  J.J Watt has been a play-maker all season long for the strong  Texan defense.     – – –   No, I’m not going to leave out the offense, which has been putting up solid numbers all season long.

3. San Francisco 49ers:  While I’m not here to address the quarterback fiasco,  rather the play of  whole team, it’s something that of which should be  commented on.   – – – –   I’ll say this about it: I can see both sides of it, but.. I would have kept Alex Smith at starting quarterback, simply because you know he led you  one  game shy of the Super-Bowl last-season, yeah, the defense was good, to.   — Enough of that though,  Kaepernick  to his credit has played some solid football in his starts.  As a result, the 49ers have been winning games under him, as they did with Smith.    The 49ers, with their solid quarterbacks in Smith, and Kaepernick, along with an elite defense, the Niners, come the post-season will have just as good a shot as anyone to make a run for the prized possession, the Super-Bowl trophy.

4. Green Bay Packers:  The Packers got off to a slow-start this season, the Packers however have put that in their past.   – – – Green Bay is 9-4 now, though one of those four losses shouldn’t be on that record.     Quarterback Aaron Rodgers has once again been as solid as ever at Quarterback, expect the Packers to make a run for it in the Playoffs, with an offense that can light it up, and a defense that can do just enough to get it done.

5. Seattle Seahawks:  The Seahawks, to their credit have been solid, no doubt about it.   – – – Rookie quarterback Russell Wilson, from Wisconsin has been a stud, almost as good as Cam Newton was in his rookie year, though not quite; and not quite as good as RGIII, but never the less, still  very solid.   Let’s not forget to mention the running-game which has been very important for them,  yes,  were talking about you (Marshsawn Lynch).    Seattle could make a run at it for the NFC West title, as they are 8-5 after 13 games of play.     Let’s not forget to mention Sunday’s 58-0 blowout win vs.  a defenseless Arizona team      —  Though, it’s felt by a great many, or everyone not a fan of this team that the refs gave them one of their wins.

 Thomas Brunt is the sport-editor for Birdville High School’s “Hawk newspaper”   as well as an contributing sports-columnist for in the      You can follow his personal Twitter feed: @ThomasSportsguy, or email him here:

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