Will Josh McDaniels Finally Win With Knowshon Moreno?

The fast answer is yes.  One way or another Patriots Offensive Coordinator will finally get the decision to draft Knowshon Moreno right after all.  The back story…Josh McDaniels is terrible at drafting.  McDaniels, the onetime wunderkind took over the Mike Shanahan’s Denver Broncos after the 2008 season.  He started off promising enough opening the 2009 campaign 6-0 but quickly fell out of favor with fans, players and eventually ownership.  But in his time in Denver, Josh McDaniels had two drafts and in those drafts he made a name…and a spectacle of himself.  The centerpiece of the sideshow was Tim Tebow’s first round selection in 2010 draft but the biggest misread of McDaniels may have been Knowshon’s selection as the #12 pick of the 2009 draft.  Referred to as “No-Show” in the greater Denver area, Moreno is oft injured, slow and quickly lost his job to seemingly septuagenarian Willis McGahee.


Denver may be on the verge of big things this season and perhaps only injury and the New England Patriots can keep Peyton Manning and the Broncos from New Orleans in February.  Strangely the selection of Knowshon Moreno could dictate much of this.  Last week Denver workhorse Willis McGahee went down for the season and the most obvious choice to fill his cleats is Moreno.  For Denver to go deep into the playoffs Moreno probably has to be better than serviceable and this is where McDaniels comes into play.

Assuming both the Broncos and the Patriots go deep into the playoffs there is a better than fair chance that they will meet each other for the second year in a row (Tom Brady hammering Tebow in 2011).  If this is the case then Josh McDaniels will be vindicated one way or another.  Scenario one: Denver wins and advances in the playoffs due in some part to the efforts of Moreno then McDaniels clearly made the right choice, is it his fault that he was just a little slow to mature?  Scenario two: “No-Show” is a no show and Denver’s running game puts a halt to the Bronco magic and Tom Brady bests Peyton…again.  In this scenario McDaniels can claim that this was the plan the whole time (the man’s ego has no bounds) and that the Pat’s couldn’t have done it without him.

At the end of the day, these two washouts may go a long way toward dictating the 2012 representative of the AFC in the Super Bowl.  For the sake of karma, maybe Joe Flacco and company can overcome injuries and send Josh McDaniels and the “No-Show” back to obscurity.


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